FMM138 - Take Your Opportunities or Someone Else Will


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We all get opportunities in life, some that come quite regularly and others that are more significant and rare.

We sometimes call them lucky breaks, the types of opportunities that can make a huge difference in our life...

...and none of us wants to be the person who had that chance and let that golden opportunity slip through their fingers.

If you are not prepared, you’ll miss your chance and now the opportunity is gone...

...And it won’t ever come around again.

So maybe you’re thinking “well how am I going to get a lucky break in my situation? I’m not the kind of person who gets lucky... I don’t know the right people”.

And I get it. Some people seem to have all the luck whilst others sit on the sidelines. But is it really luck...

...or are successful producers up to something that failed producers simply aren't?

In this podcast, I’ll be giving you the key actions and mindset that can be the difference between accelerating your career and missing out for good on your dreams...

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