Modern Day Fatherhood with Han-son from Daddilife


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In today's episode, we are talking with Han-son about fatherhood and being a modern day father and what that actually means. Han-son started daily life over five years ago off the back of wanting to be a different father from what he had experienced and to provide a community for dads who also wanted to approach fatherhood in a different way.

Episode Highlights:

00:01:13 Background of the Guest

00:02:02 Things and events at Daddilife

00:07:11 Dads experiencing postpartum

00:09:02 Is Daddilife a safe space for dads?

00:11:25 Health and fitness challenges for dads

00:19:40 Different health activities at Daddilife

00:24:46 Key issues around dads and wellness

00:27:06 Top 5 tips for dads who are struggling with mental health

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