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Tim Oppelt, Founder of Wholesaling PPC, used to work as a digital marketer for Gannett, a $3 Billion multimedia company. He left the company in 2015 to run his wholesaling business full-time. He combined his knowledge of real estate and marketing to generate 100% of his deals online. He is now implementing his systems in markets across the country to bring other investors the same success he has.

Tim joins me today to talk about SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) and how they can help your wholesale business. Tim shares some of the mistakes wholesalers make when they invest in PPC with agencies and when trying to do it themselves. Tim explains the most important thing you should do when a lead comes in and why PPC leads are different from other sourced leads. He also provides some resources to help you better understand PPC.

“I look at campaigns all the time to audit them, and a lot of them are just not set up properly because people don't know how to PPC for real estate investors. “- Tim Oppelt

On Today’s Episode of Flip Talk:

  • How Tim got started in Real Estate investing
  • Where people and agencies go wrong when investing in PPC
  • Finding the correct expectations and the proper criteria for your marketing campaigns
  • Why Tim started his business and who he helps
  • The most important thing you should do when a lead comes in
  • Why PPC is not like any other type of lead source
  • What mistakes people make when it comes to SEO Marketing
  • What resources you can use to better understand PPC

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