The Best of The Forever Cash Podcast - How We Got Started and More!


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We're taking a look back at some of the best moments from The Forever Cash Podcast this week!

We start off with a clip from episode 122 "Why Land Is Better Than Houses" - you'll hear about our very first land deal and how we got started in the world of Land Flipping.

Then, we look back at an interview we did with Warren & Michele Davis all the way back in episode 111 - you'll find out how they followed the Forever Cash blueprint to success and got their first land deal in 3 months.

Finally, Clark Sheffield & Jace Mattinson explain how millionaires think and invest in this clip from episode 108. They have a ton of insights into the millionaire mindset, and this advice is incredibly valuable no matter what level you are at.

What's inside:

  • Look back at incredible moments from the Forever Cash Podcast
  • Hear about our first-ever land deal!
  • Discover how a couple got their first deal in 3 months
  • Understand the millionaire mindset
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