039 - Amazon to Amazon Flips - Online Arbitrage Strategies with Jo Ann Zimmerman


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Did you know you could actually buy items directly from Amazon and flip them back on Amazon for a profit? Today I'm talking with online arbitrage expert and seasoned Amazon seller Jo Ann Zimmerman. The former teacher discusses how she first learned about selling on Amazon, experimenting with private label selling before discovering her niche in retail and online arbitrage. Jo Ann talks about her favorite OA strategy, Amazon flips, and why they are such a lucrative opportunity.

She also covers her tried-and-tested strategies for finding items on Amazon and other platforms to resell on Amazon, as well as other factors to consider when deciding to compete with Amazon. You'll also learn today about how you can use OA deal lists to help you source inventory and how newer sellers can overcoming the obstacle of being gated from selling more items on Amazon.

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