045 - From Retail Arbitrage to Wholesale - A Success Story With Dan Meadors


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Making the transition from a retail arbitrage business model to a 100% wholesale model was not something that Dan ever envisioned when he first started selling on Amazon, but when Dan learned about the power of wholesale, he made the transition and has never looked back.

As our first-ever returning guest, Dan talks about transitioning from retail arbitrage to the wholesale model, strategies for getting a "yes" from wholesale suppliers who repeatedly say no, and how to scale a wholesale business for your Amazon FBA account. His formula for success is one of adding irresistible value, and in a world where brands desperately need sales, they will pay attention to sellers who can help them solve problems and boost their online presence. If you want to learn more about getting into wholesaling and forging the right wholesale and brand partnerships, this episode is not to be missed!

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