052 - Overcoming Your Fear of Tanking Prices - Fears Series


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No Amazon seller likes it when their items start tanking in price. When prices go down, so do potential profits. On today’s episode of Full-Time FBA we dive into a 4-week Fear Series with the topic of how to tackle overcoming your fear of tanking prices. We go into how to avoid tanking prices and how to deal with situations when prices do in fact tank.

When you're out sourcing for inventory you might worry about going "too deep" on an inventory buy because you fear that the price might tank, leaving you with excess inventory that's not going to sell unless you lower your price too. Is the solution always to lower your price? Not at all. In this episode we'll show you how to make better sourcing decisions to help you find inventory that will hold its higher price. We'll also chat through some ways to respond if you see the price is starting to tank on your items and strategies to sell your item fast before the price tanks too low.

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