053 - Overcoming Your Fear of Making Sourcing Mistakes - Fears Series


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Sometimes the fear of making sourcing mistakes will actually lead you to making more sourcing mistakes. In today’s show, Stephen and Rebecca create a slightly different format where we present a few different scenarios that have to do with sourcing and what to do when faced with them. It's a little game we like to call "Should You Resell It?"

We talk about whether to resell an item with decent sales rank, great ROI, but horrible reviews, and if you should resell an item with mediocre ROI and sales rank if it is the only thing you found on a sourcing mission. Our scenarios also cover whether to resell an item that is not within your usual sourcing comfort zones, and lastly, we dissect the question of reselling an item if it has a sales ranking far higher than what you are used to. Our answers might not be quite what you were expecting, but we have some solid pointers for you to help you feel more confident in your sourcing decision. Tune in today to learn how to improve your sourcing and also to find out some of the other great resources we can offer you on your journey.

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