054 - Overcoming Your Fear of Hiring Help for your Amazon Business - Fears Series


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Sometimes it can be scary to think about actually hiring help in your Amazon FBA business. Expanding your business by adding more people can be a daunting process, with a long list of things to worry about. In today’s episode, we draw on our own practical experiences and share the best insider tips so you can overcome fear of hiring help for your Amazon business.

We dive into how you can hire the best individuals, from virtual assistants to someone who comes to your home, and then we take it one step further by showing exactly where you can find them. Hiring is just the beginning, though. If they’re not vetted or experienced, we have the solutions for you. Hear about how the MAWL method is a surefire way to train staff, and listen as we dig into why it is so important to pay a living wage and not just a minimum wage. Last but not least, we realize that helpers can make mistakes, so we tell you how to avoid them, and more importantly, how to deal with them. For more tips to kick the fear, be sure to join us today!

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