055 - Overcoming Your Fear of Amazon Account Suspension with Lesley Hensell - Fears Series


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An Amazon account suspension is the number one thing that most Amazon sellers fear. Today Stephen interviews Lesley Hensell from Riverbend Consulting to help clear up some of the grey areas that could lead to account or ASIN suspensions. Lesley starts off the podcast interview by giving us some tips to help you manage risk when it comes to sourcing. From there, she covers the difference between suspected and actual intellectual property complaints. Next up, Lesley weighs in on the two types of dropshipping, only one of which is allowed by Amazon.

We talk about some red flags for product types which always seem to cause more trouble than they are worth. After that, Lesley shares her knowledge around how to check and see for yourself that your account is in good order. Toward the end of the show, Lesley gives us some amazing, step-by-step instructions to follow if we do find ourselves in a situation where our account has been suspended, and how long it could take to get it in good order again. Tune in today and put your account suspension fears to rest for good!

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