058 - November Sourcing Ideas and Strategies for Amazon Sellers


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Here are our best sourcing strategies you can use to turn bigger profits in your FBA business, specifically at this time of year. Christmas is just around the corner, and we all know how well toys sell this time of year, but today we will be casting our net wider and covering eight strategies you can use to help you capitalize in the second month of Q4: November.

During the show we talk about how you can take advantage of limited-time clearance sales, getting out of your sourcing rut, and the best ways to use your time sourcing this time of year. We share a more general strategy after that, talking about how you can broaden your normal sourcing strategy by thinking about what types of items would make great gifts for your relatives this Christmas. Wrapping up, we remind everybody about Black Friday, a time where stores are basically begging people to buy their stuff at super cheap prices. So tune in today and hear about some great ways to branch out this Q4 in your Amazon FBA sourcing strategies.

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