060 - How Amazon Sellers Use Deal Lists For Maximum Profits


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Many Amazon sellers avoid deal lists for the well-founded fear that items appearing on these lists will soon flood the market, leading to inflated competition and price drops. Today we dive into the issue and show listeners how, with the right list, they can make healthy profits with little to no competition.

We open our conversation by exploring what deal lists are and why people use them. We then discuss the many forms that deal lists can take, how they’re structured, and how you can look for lists that fit your niche. Podcast host Rebecca Smotherman highlights how the right deal lists often pay for themselves. She also touches on the importance of developing a system to determine which deal lists are valuable to your business.

Near the end of the episode, Rebecca shares her top tips for handling with deal lists, including how she tracks information, why you should approach deal lists with time sensitivity, and how you can get into using deal lists through free trials. Tune in for more advice on using deal lists and finding high-quality buying leads that make maximum profit.

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