062 - How Not to Waste Your Q4 Profits


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During the most lucrative part of the sales year, many sellers leave Q4 with high profits but without a clear plan on how to spend them. Today we give you our top tips on making the most of your Q4 profits. Early in our conversation, we highlight how investing in time-saving tools and software can unlock greater productivity and profit. After touching on how you can save money by switching from monthly to annual plans, we talk about what you should look for when buying new inventory. From purchasing office supplies in bulk, we explore the benefits of investing in your mind by enrolling in FBA seller courses.

Now, not everything needs to be about business. We also discuss how paying off your debt helps you build toward long-term success. We also reflect on the importance of treating yourself and giving back. Near the end of the episode, host Rebecca Smotherman shares details about the organization that she contributes to. Tune in for more of our insights on how you can best use your Q4 profits.

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