064 - Successful Goal Setting for Amazon FBA Sellers with Jo Ann Zimmerman


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If you want to create success for your full-time FBA business, then setting goals should be your first step. Today we sit with full-time FBA seller Jo Ann Zimmerman to hear her secrets behind effective goal-setting. We open the show by talking about how Jo Ann sets goals for herself, first by looking at where she is in the present moment, assessing the past year, and then ultimately deciding where she’d like to be in the future. She complements this process by working backward, taking into account gross and net profit, as well as looking at how she can improve her sales through better inventory and sourcing.

She then goes on to refine the goal-setting process and tells us how to take actionable steps on making your dreams a reality. We then turn the spotlight onto sourcing inventory and setting goals around this vital function of FBA. You’ll see why it’s imperative to expand your inventory list, as well as how to adjust prices depending on financial climate. In the latter half of the episode, Jo Ann goes on to explain how you can keep your goals attainable and how to clear obstacles from your way. To finish off, Jo Ann tells us about her "fun goal" for the new year. To master the art of goal-setting for FBA, be sure to join us today!

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