065 - Is Amazon Trying to Get Rid of 3rd Party Sellers


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As we stand at the beginning of the new year, you might be asking the same question many others are: Is Amazon trying to get rid of third-party sellers? Spoiler alert: The answer is "no." While common frustrations like increasing Amazon fees, storage limits, and brand restrictions seem to make it harder and harder to sell on Amazon, there are actually a multitude of solid reasons why Amazon needs third party sellers like you and me in order to be successful. In this episode, we explain why Amazon wants third-party sellers and why there is no need for you to be concerned about them kicking you off their platform (as long as you're following the Amazon guidelines).

While we do not deny the fact that Amazon has a complicated relationship with third-party sellers, they do a great deal to help us be successful. In this episode, we uncover all the objections and encourage you further on your journey of creating a super successful Amazon FBA business!

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