067 - Time vs Money and How to Get More of Both


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The relationship between time and money is always changing, especially in an Amazon FBA business. In the beginning, time seems to be more expendable than money, but as your business grows and becomes more successful, your end goal becomes finding more time so that you can focus on the most important tasks of growing your business.

We’ve been there, and today we share how to achieve the delicate balance of finding easy and creative ways to find more time. We kick off the show by diving into the nuances of owning an FBA business and how our time-money goals have evolved. As our conversation develops, listeners will benefit from a range of tips to help increase productivity, practice time management, and raise your income. Hosts Rebecca and Stephen touch on time-saving topics like outsourcing and adopting the right mindset and writing out highly specific lists to help you make palpable change. Want more time and more money? Then listen to today's episode.

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