076 - What To Do When Your Inventory Doesn't Sell


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When selling on Amazon, there are occasions you will struggle to move certain items from your inventory. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, and you can address this issue in a number of ways.

In this episode, we share a few top tips for helping the process along and cleaning out those lingering items no one seems to want! From using Keepa for better tracking and understanding of your inventory sales velocity, to using other platforms besides Amazon, we will share with you the methods that have helped us and can help you too. We also talk about paid advertising, bundling items, and when to cut your losses and learn a lesson about a mistaken purchase. In the end, you do not want your inventory filled with duds, and the quicker you can move things on, with whatever method, the better. Tune in to hear it all and declutter your inventory and mental space too!

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