079 - Tactical Arbitrage for Online Arbitrage and Wholesale Profits


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If you've ever tried manual online arbitrage (OA), you know that it can take up immense amounts of your time to find what you are looking for. On today’s show you’ll learn about a tool called Tactical Arbitrage which can, among other things, help you drastically reduce the amount of time you spend looking for items to resell.

Rebecca has been using Tactical Arbitrage for well over four years, and her and Stephen’s FBA business has seen a great deal of success because of it. She has a lot of useful advice to share today about how you, as an Amazon seller, can get the most out of the program. That being said, if you’re a first-time seller, Rebecca also shares why she thinks it’s a good idea for you to learn how to do manual OA before diving into Tactical Arbitrage.

We also discuss how to avoid mistakes that people commonly make when using Tactical Arbitrage. Tactical Arbitrage doesn’t do all your work for you, but by the end of this episode we guarantee you’ll be convinced that it will make your job a whole lot easier and more enjoyable, and you’ll know where to go to learn everything you need to know about it!

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