083 - Creating Profitable Bundles to Sell on Amazon


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If you are looking for creative ways to differentiate yourself on Amazon while turning an extra profit too, think about starting to sell items in bundles! Creating bundles is all about batching items that match each other thematically, and today on the show you’ll hear all of our tips around how and why you should consider implementing this strategy.

First up, we give you some definitions of what bundles are and give you pointers for how to create appealing bundles from thematically grouped items in a genre. We then move on to talk about the many benefits of bundles for customers who shop on Amazon. People don't just use Amazon to buy a specific product they have in mind anymore, but they search the platform for new ideas for things to buy. Bundles cater to this need brilliantly, and they also offer customers opportunities to find new products that come along with other items they already like.

Next up we get into the benefits of making bundles for Amazon sellers, and you’ll hear about how they offer buy box ownership, lower fees, overall ownership of the listing, potential replenishment, and more. So for a deeper dive into what this means, and a few other top tips around sourcing and troubleshooting, be sure to tune in today!

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