088 - How Replens Can Boost Sales and Profits in Your Amazon FBA Business


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In today’s episode of the Full-Time FBA Show, we talk about how replenishables (or "replens" for short), can boost your sales and your profits in your Amazon FBA business. We kick off our episode by defining the term "replens" and unpacking what constitutes a good replen. Next, we talk about our 2020 top sellers and tell you why we think that Amazon sellers should consider adjusting their sourcing strategies to focus on replens.

We touch on sustainability in terms of stock and tell you a bit about each of our relationships with the three methods: retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and wholesale. We also speak about outsourcing the sourcing process and answer the question of why we don’t see more sellers focusing on replens.

In closing, we consider why replens are not a quick fix but rather hold the power to set you up for long-term success. We point you in the direction of some helpful resources to learn more about how to maximize replens to boost sales and profits in your business. Tune in today and learn how to change the way you approach your Amazon FBA Business for the better.

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