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I’m sharing this message with the world.

You’re not crazy. I’m not crazy. We’re not crazy. :) Are you aware of ghosts? This conversation was such a huge gift for me. I enjoy talking to my gal Connie Dunn because everytime we share our experiences, I am so aware of my superpowers.

Dance Instructor and Coach Connie Dunn, and I all chat about our abilities and how we’ve discovered our awareness over the years. If we can help one person listening, we’re GOOD! My target is to share this message and let others know that they’re not crazy (regardless of what this reality says).

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Connie is an Access Bars Facilitator and director of a middle school dance department based in Los Angeles CA. She brings communities together and listens to whispers of a greater future for all who come into her life. When she is not dancing or kid whispering, she hangs out with entities!

Connie teaches Access Bars classes. If you are interested in choosing, please contact her at (818) 404-2939.

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