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Did you know that the banks only pay you .01% interest on your savings?

If it’s so low...why are we taught to save our money in a savings account? We were taught these lessons since we were kid. They were passed down from our parents, cartoons and almost every adult around us. The rich know tips and tricks that we were never taught. It’s time to learn those secrets!

Pinky Magana and I talk all about money and how you can be your own bank with insurance policies...I know right!? Insurance?? What?!? Learn how to pay less or no taxes with life insurance instead of paying 40% taxes on a 401K when you cash it out. Learn what the rich know and prepare for your retirement and for investments to use today!


Pinky is a mompreneur with a background in dance to now running a financial education firm. She has a passion for teaching others how money works in a simplified way. Pinky is bringing wall street to main street!


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