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Happiness and freedom is the ability to discern what works for you.

In this episode, Mindset and Manifesting Coach - Maria Concha discusses the importance of feeling safe to speak up, how to choose what you want and the ability to cry. Maria speaks about asking the question and choosing WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.

This conversation was such a gift to me and Maria and I created a huge shift and I invite you to listen and TAG me on Instagram @joannavargasofficial with your take-away.

ABOUT MARIA: Maria Concha is a Mindset + Manifestation Coach and speaker who merges both practical and spiritual methods to empower women to the next level of life and business.

Through her lifestyle brand “Manifesting Ninja”, she teaches women how to master manifestation with ease by breaking through limiting beliefs on a subconscious level so they can unapologetically own the life they were meant to live and have more fun along the way.


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