3 Things That Can Change Your FINANCIAL Reality in 2022 with Katie Batres


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Let's talk more about MONEY baby!

I know it can be scary to talk about money and even think about it. But what if you gave money more love and attention. And what if your relationship with money is healthy and communicative.

Make LOVE to your money and find out how much more you can create this year just by not turning your back on YOUR reality of money!

In this episode you will learn about 3 Things That Can Change Your FINANCIAL Reality in 2022:

  1. Start your emergency fund.
  2. Protection is so important!
  3. Begin to start thinking about retirement.


Katie started off as a dancer, she got the opportunity to perform in many places including around the world! She has choreographed for up and coming artists (mostly for people in other countries). Katie then began to model and had the chance to work with countless companies Including big ones like SHEIN and FASHION NOVA as well as for many artists' music videos.

Katie now also became a booking manager so she can cast for roles she may not fit. She owns her own fitness program and began hosting an IG TV show called “#CatchinVibes” this year.

She now does finances to help people in a supportive way to create the best future for themselves.



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