How do you create the courage to CHOOSE DIFFERENT with Jeanieva Faith


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What if you chose different?

In this episode Reiki Master, Jeanieva Faith and I have a deep chat about what it’s like to choose different than what this reality says is “best” for you.

Jeanieva and I wanted so much for this episode to be a chat and not an interview. Our want was for this show was for us to sit and talk the way we do when we get together and for this show to be like you were a fly on the wall listening in to our thoughts and desires.

DM on Instagram @joannavargasofficial and I’d love to hear what your take aways were from this conscious conversation. Muah!


Jeanieva Faith is an unconventional Reiki Master who specializes in spiritual healing, heart mending & relatable inspiration via many facets. Her practices include reiki sessions, break up coaching & a memoir based podcast.


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