How to MANIFEST anything with Lesley Logan


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What you focus on expands.

In this episode with Pilates Master, Lesley Logan and I have a great chat about how to create what you want in your life. Be it till you see it.

What if we can manifest anything we want by asking for it and seeing it before it happens?

Join me for this fun chat with my gal Lesley Logan. She’s one of my favorites.


Lesley Logan is a certified Pilates teacher and mindset coach. She is the founder of Online Pilates Classes, the first free online catalogue of Pilates exercise tutorials, where you can also find weekly Pilates classes and workshops.

She’s been teaching Pilates since 2008. Lesley has run multiple studios and trained hundreds of people to become teachers themselves and has taught thousands of students.

When not teaching from her studio in Las Vegas, Lesley can be found offering fitness business coaching to studio owners and other instructors through her private mastermind Profitable Pilates or traveling the world leading Pilates retreats.


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