Just say “NO THANK YOU”


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Are you clear with your no’s?

Last week I was shopping at a store and overheard 3 customers all give the same answer to a question, “I’m okay.” The question was a yes or no question, and they all answered with “I’m okay.” This got me thinking. . . Is it too hard for us to give a no than we think?

Yes! Answering with a NO is harder than we make it. Try it! Ask someone a yes or no question and notice if they give you a clear YES or clear NO. Many of us want to please others so we say things like “I’m okay.” And when we answer with unclear answers, life cannot gift us what we’re asking for.

This week’s challenge is to say “No, thank you” the next time you don’t want something when someone asks you a question. Build your “No, thank you” muscle.


  • You always have a choice and can change your mind.
  • How to decommit with honor.
  • It’s harder to get a no from others than you think.
  • When you’re clearer with your answers, life can gift you what you want.

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