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There are 3 more months for 2021. What do you want to create for the end of this year?

My WORD for Quarter 4 2021 is CONFIDENCE.

Every quarter I choose a new word to create a theme for the quarter that I’m about to walk into. My word for quarter 3 was POWER. I got really curious about power, what it is, how it shows up, and how it can contribute to my life?

By asking those questions, I discovered so much about what is required for my life.

In order to move into an expanded quarter 4, CONFIDENCE is required.

How to find your quarter word > Ask the following question: What do I need to be or do to create a quarter 4 that will create more for your life? Ask this question and be open to what shows up for you?

Life always has your back!

Life always wants you to win!

Life is always working out for you!

Create a bigger quarter 4...pause, ask a question, get curious, and follow the lightness. Ask a question. It’ll get better!

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