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What if you were out of control?

We were taught (probably when you were a kid) that being out of control was not good. Hearing “You’re out of control!” was one of the worst things for me to hear. So we were conditioned to be in control and to control everything.

In this episode Master Bling Artist, Jennifer Gaulden and I have a great chat about control and how to release control so that we can live a life with ease. Jennifer and I have been in the event entertainment business for many years and understand a little something about control. Creation can happen when you’re out of control.


Jennifer Gaulden studied and majored in Psychology at UCLA. She is a tournament member for the world famous Rose Parade. Jennifer has her own travel business as a travel consultant and agent for All About M.E Travel. She has worked with Joanna Vargas for more than 10 years running different events and making them a success!


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