Where aren't you willing to STAND OUT?


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Are you willing to stand out?

I’ve been having so many growth spurts lately when it comes to awareness and learning new things about me. For the last week, I have been more aware than ever when and where I am playing smaller than usual. I will choose really big in some areas and then I went out to sushi and discovered that I wanted to run for the door.

This episode is all about my trip to a sushi restaurant, my dress and how I was so aware of my choices!

Where aren’t you willing to STAND OUT? Is your life BIG enough? What if you can ask for more? What if you could create more with less?


  • How to notice if you’re making a choice and then changing your mind later.
  • Are you willing to receive all of it when you feel uncomfortable?
  • How can you make a choice and keep it even when you want to run and backpedal?

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