The NUMBER ONE reason why we STAY SMALL


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The number one reason why we stay small is because we are afraid of judgment.

We are taught and we pick up that judgement is the one BIG thing that we ‘try’ to avoid most of our lives. And what would it take for us to receive judgement without a point of view? Without a thought? Without a definition?

This episode was created from my awareness that I have been choosing small lately because I am doing my best to stay away from my own judgement of me…..oooooohhh bam! Didn’t see that one coming. I am more aware of my own judgments of me. And what would it take for me to be all of me?

Key show take-aways:

  • We stay small because we are afraid of judgement.
  • Judgement is just a point of view.
  • Judgement won’t kill you.

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