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I’m in the season of TRUST!

My great business friend Susanne Puerschel and I chat all about thrush and what that looks like for us.

How can I trust in this situation?

What does trust look like here?

How can trust create more for my life?

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Susanne is the Founder of R.I.S.E. Media, a platform and community that is building the bridge between Performing Arts and Business by helping Performing Artists and companies alike to tap into the power of media , generating multiple streams of income and building sustainability and financial and artistic freedom.

Susanne is also a Wellness Entrepreneur, podcast host of the Pointe To Rise Podcast, former international ballerina, mother of three beautiful sons and experienced principal chief executive officer. Susanne had the privilege to grow up behind the iron curtain in Berlin, Germany.

After working in corporate America and running her own businesses, to build community among dancers and artists by providing mindset and high performance coaching, it is her mission now to put performing arts back on the front page and break through the " Starving Artist" mentality once and for all.

It is Susanne’s mission ‘To accelerate the transition to sustainability and financial freedom within the performing arts.’


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