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Stephanie is a true Mom2MILF and everytime I chat with her, I walk away with new tips on how to upgrade my daily style. I hope you receive the same.

How can upgrading our daily style increase your income, confidence and business?

In this episode Wardrobe Coach, Stephanie Gilstrap and I talk about changing our routines and how it can transfer into our clothing and confidence. It is scientifically proven that when you look good...you feel good. We’ve all heard that right? And we’ve all experienced it too!

We can be both!! Beauty and Brains! Listen to her explanation of her 80/20 rule and the difference between “Put together” and “Dressed up” - I loved that distinction!!

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ABOUT STEPHANIE: Stephanie is a Women’s Wardrobe Coach. She helps mamapreneurs feel sexy, sassy and sophisticated so they can stand in their power to boost sales.

She is the founder of Mom2MILF Style Method, her signature 60-day wardrobe mentorship, and Daily Style Upgrade, her daily Outfit Blueprint membership program.


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