Your LAST 10 seconds on earth!


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God gave us free will. . . so let’s us it! ;)

We have the ability to choose, then choose again, then choose again. In the Bible, it states, “Ask and it is given.” It doesn’t say, “Ask and then answer it, then it’s given.”

Ask a question and then, be open to your awareness. Don’t answer it. When you answer it, you limit your infinite awareness and possibilities of what can actually show up for you. And it’s probably never, ever, ever the way you think it’s going to show up.

How fun is that?

If this was the last 10 seconds you had on earth, would you make a choice from right and wrongness? Or would you just choose what’s lightest?

What’s lightest, right? ;)

What if you from that question all the time? Choose like you have only 10 seconds left and watch your life magically shift and begin to open up!

How cool is that??

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