Five years since the failed coup attempt: Turkey's crackdown on dissent both at home and abroad


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This past Thursday marked the 5 year anniversary from the failed coup attempt that took place in Turkey which has since reshaped the country. The Erdogan government has used the failed coup to reshape the country's policies, institutions, political landscape and foreign posture, cracking down on dissidents both in Turkey and abroad. David Lepeska joins The Greek Current to discuss his latest piece in The National, where he explores the changes within Turkey over the last five years, looks at how Turkey has exported its crackdown on dissent to other countries, and considers why Erdogan may not be able to cash in on the failed coup for much longer.

David Lepeska is a journalist who has contributed to the New York Times, the Guardian, the Atlantic, and other outlets. He previously served as a foreign correspondent for The National. For the past decade, his reporting has mainly focused on Turkey.

Read David Lepeska’s piece in The National here: Why Erdogan can't cash in on a failed coup for much longer

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