The Berlin conference on Libya: What's at stake?


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Germany and the United Nations are hosting an international conference on Libya in Berlin this week, and diplomats are aiming to take stock of Libya’s political progress, prepare for a national election set for December, and discuss the withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries. The majority of the attendees already met at the first international conference on Libya, which was also hosted by Germany, in January 2020. This time around, members of the newly-formed Libyan transitional Government of National Unity will also attend. Libya analyst Aya Burweila joins The Greek Current to discuss the upcoming Berlin conference, and the latest developments in Libya.

Aya Burweila is a Libyan expert from Benghazi and visiting lecturer at the Hellenic National Defense Academy. She is also publishing, together with Dr. Ethan Chorin, an upcoming volume on Libya titled Libya in 2021: What Went Wrong, What Comes Next.

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