The problem of cultural looting in Turkey


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A recent US government publication of restricted cultural property imports originating in Turkey - at Ankara’s request - has caused a number of reactions from experts. While illicit trafficking in antiquities is a serious problem, some specialists are concerned that Turkey could use this new agreement to further marginalize indigenous ethnic and religious minorities within Turkey, such as Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians, further limiting any say these groups may have over their cultural heritage. Meanwhile, as Turkey projects concern internationally over illicit trafficking in antiquities, it doesn’t do nearly enough to fight looting within its borders.

Simon Maghakyan, a Tufts University visiting scholar and University of Colorado Denver lecturer, joins the Greek Current to look at these issues, and break down the broader problem of cultural looting in Turkey.

Read Simon Maghakyan’s op-ed in Newsweek here: Turkey's Fight Against Cultural Looting Should Start at Home

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