Turkish mobster's YouTube videos rattle Erdogan's government


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Since May 2nd, Sedat Peker, a notorious organized crime boss in Turkey, has been posting YouTube videos implicating current and former Turkish officials, their relatives and other prominent figures in crimes, including murder plots, rape and drug trafficking. His videos have drawn millions of views, and has triggered an in-depth look at the links between mafia gangs, police, politicians and business circles in Turkey. The allegations in the videos have rocked Turkish President Erdogan’s government, with Peker’s videos focusing on Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. On Wednesday, Turkish President Erdogan finally stepped in and broke his silence. Amberin Zaman joins The Greek Current with the latest analysis.

Amberin Zaman is a roving staff correspondent for Al-Monitor covering the Middle East, with a particular focus on Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. Prior to Al-Monitor, Amberin Zaman served as The Economist's Turkey correspondent.

Read Amberin Zaman’s latest analysis in Al Monitor: Erdogan swats aside mobster, stands behind interior minister

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