Rudan Zhang - VP of Marketing at - How To Position Your SaaS For A Niche Audience


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Rudan Zhang is VP of Marketing at and in this episode we’re talking about how Clubhouse positioned themselves to focus on a niche segment. Clubhouse is a project management platform for modern software teams, but with so many project management tools on the market, Rudan discusses why Clubhouse decided to intentionally focus on a niche audience segment and how they did it. We cover: - The process Clubhouse used to find their points of differentiation for each of their ICPs - How they compete with well-known horizontal products - How to market to technical audiences - The marketing channels they use to reach their niche audience - How their marketing team is structured - The KPIs they use to measure success Links Clubhouse >> Product-Led SEO by Eli Schwartz >> --- Advance B2B >> Follow The Growth Hub on Twitter >> Follow Edward on Twitter >>

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