Alex Birkett on growth experimentation, a/b testing frameworks, data hygiene, how to approach experimentation in enterprise orgs


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Alex Birkett is the growth and experimentation lead at Workato, an integration and workflow automation platform for enterprise technology companies. Alex is also the co-founder of Omniscient Digital, an agency that helps B2B software companies accelerate growth through full-service, conversion-driven content marketing. Prior to Workato, Alex worked at Hubspot as a Senior Growth Marketing Manager focusing on User Acquisition (SEO, CRO, content, and exploring new growth channels).
Alex is a talented marketer and friend. He goes deep on enterprise experimentation, a/b testing, conversion rate optimization, and why he started Omniscient Digital with David Ly Khim. Alex thinks deeply, speaks eloquently, and shares some valuable nuggets on experimentation processes that have helped him achieve so much success in large, complex SaaS organizations.
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