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Brian Ta is a Growth PM at Coinbase, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms in the world. Brian leads top of funnel growth via SEO, landing pages, performance marketing and affiliates. Previously to Coinbase, Brian held several Growth PM roles at companies such as AngelList, Strava and Haven Money.

Previous to those roles, Brian was an SEO Lead at Airbnb, where he owned SEO and landing page strategy for the home rental and vacation rentals business. Brian also does talks on SEO at YCombinator, contributes to Lenny’s Newsletter, and occasionally does speaking gigs at events such as TechSEOBoost.

I met Brian during the pandemic when I stumbled upon his blog post on how to create a scalable SEO strategy and since then I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and have learned a lot from the way he thinks about growth. He’s a fascinating, humble, and hilarious human being.

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