Powerback 74: Choose one area to make a bold move


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This week I would like you to take your Powerback™ by choosing one area of your life or your business to make a bold move:

  • Try something new
  • Try out a new wardrobe
  • Try out a new hairstyle (maybe even shave your whole damn head!)
  • Move to another part of the world
  • Stop a service in your business that no longer serves you
  • Pivot your business plan
  • Raise your business prices (and keep them raised!)
  • Change the voice of your content
  • Shift the way you are showing up in your brand

But before making any bold move I encourage you to pause for a moment and ask yourself, “What is my intent right now?”

  • Is this something you feel completely aligned with?
  • Is this going to add to the better good?
  • Is this serving a higher purpose?

Remember, these bold moves do NOT need to be permanent nor do they need to be loud like fireworks on July 4th. They can also be quiet and sweet.

The most important thing is that you are in alignment with your bold decision and you are NOT afraid of what other people will say, think, or do - if it’s going to better your life and the people in your life then girl, do it!
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