Ep. 507: Work Feat. Kavita Rajwade


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On this episode, Kavita Rajwade joins us again for the second time this week. In this day and age, the way we approach work is extremely important. The way that we create our own identity for work and also having mentors is extremely important. In this episode, Kavita and Ashdin talk about working with people straight out of college, what she wishes that people coming for their first job knew, why it is important to go on the first day of work and observe, and tons more. They also talk about how Kavita remembers her first day at work early in her career, what it was like and what kind of changes she sees in people following their passion now. Further, they discuss five things people knew when they started their jobs and five things that could improve the way they function. Tune for this and much more on this informative chat with the Co-founder of IVM Podcasts, Kavita Rajwade.

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