Bruce Parry on Indigenous Tribes


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Bruce Parry, Bruce Parry, Bruce Parry! What a gent!

How often do you get to speak with someone who has fully immersed themselves in 15 different indigenous tribes all across the world?

He ate what they ate including maggots and insects, he slept where they slept at times on hard dirt floors tangled between legs and arms and mosquitos crawling at his skin, he took part in ceremonial practices and plant medicines awakening his soul to all kinds of other realms, but most importantly he opened his mind to old wisdom, other ways of being and thinking which has shaped his existence and shown him new perspectives on life.

"Just hanging out with people who have a completely different perception of reality, different spirtual beliefs, different relationships with each other, different nature beliefs. All these things that I had to go through massive internal shifts to understand. Because you can just carry on looking at the world through your own scientific material prism but when you start taking on board that actually these people have got something else going on and maybe it’s worth listening too because they are not the ones messing the planet up. I started out kind of thinking I knew it all and ended up realising I didn’t know anything and thats a humbling journey."

Bruce is an explorer, indigenous rights advocate, author, former Royal Marines officer, but he is possibly most well known for the three BBC documentary series; Tribe, Amazon, and Arctic. All of which documenting Bruce's exploration of extreme environments, living with remote indigenous peoples, and highlighting many of the important issues being faced on the environmental frontline.

We covered it all with Bruce and to be honest could have spoken for days, maybe even months more, we feel a friendship was been made and look forward to keeping an eye on his progress with his next adventure; an egalitarian community in Wales.

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