Episode 33: Claflin University Alumnus, Jay Dukes


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On this episode, we speak with Jay Dukes. He’s a graduate of Claflin University. And one of the most sought-after Master of Ceremonies in the college/university market. His expert improv skills and contagious energy has helped him grace the stage of hundreds of colleges/universities as well as entertain large crowds throughout the US.

During the episode, we discuss his HBCU experience, his career and he shares very exciting upcoming projects.


“I’m still a huge fan of us going to college. It’s because those are our best networking opportunities.”— Jay Dukes

“You’re in — you’re sitting beside, you’re eating lunch with future doctors, lawyers, media personalities, PR... you're beside people that you can incorporate into your community so can go and be successful.” — Jay Dukes


CIAA Tournament [16:00]

Entrepreneurship [23:00]

HBCU Experience [30:30]

Messy Memories [34:29 - 36:20]

Mentorship [39:15]

Rapid Fire Questions [40:40] ?

Aux Cord Wars [46:00]

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