SEASON 3 FINALE Q + A: Food Trends, Travel and Friendship with Kris, her sister and her best guy friend


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Come on in and grab a glass of wine or a kombucha (and don't forget the cheese and crackers), you're invited to a candid conversation with Kris, her sister and her longtime bestie (who also happens to be her sister's boyfriend and husband's former roommate. Yes, we know it's weird). In the finale of Season 3, we're answering listener questions on everything from favorite trips we've taken, what drives them most crazy (about Kris), our definition of wellness, and we (sort of) rate food trends from avocado toast to charcoal.
Thank you for an incredible season 3! Kris is taking a summer break for the month of July, but you can catch up on Season 3's Top 10 podcast episodes:

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