202: Spilling the Tea of the Fashion Industry & Sustainable Fashion with Jessica Kelly


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Today Evie is taking over the podcast and bringing on a guest in the fashion industry world to discuss something a little, shall we say, eye-opening? If you’ve ever wondered what all this hubbub about “sustainable fashion” or “ethical fashion” is, what that even means, how to do your part as either a brand OR as a consumer? This episode is for you. Today we have Jessica Kelly on the show.

Today Jessica talks about everything sustainable and ethical fashion. Covering everything from “what even IS sustainable fashion??” to behind the scenes of being a brand in the fashion world and how much you may not know about working with manufacturing and product development. We discuss steps you can take as a consumer to support sustainable and ethical fashion brands and movements as well as steps you can take as a brand or a founder trying to make waves in this industry.

If you’ve ever thought “made in America” meant “better”, you’ll wanna listen. If you think you know the exact definition of a “sustainable brand”, you’ll wanna listen. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or exhausted by the sustainability conversation in the fashion world, you’ll wanna listen.

It can be MESSY and CONFUSING to try to wrap our heads around “sustainability” but Jessica breaks everything down in such a way that you’ll walk away feeling empowered and excited rather than discouraged or overwhelmed.

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