210: Want to Create a Successful Brand That Doesn't Require Your Face? Listen here with the Anonymous Poet- Atticus 


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Have you ever been intrigued with the idea of creating a brand or business without your face?

If that is you, today’s podcast guest is the incredible Atticus of Atticus Poetry. If you’re not familiar with his words, we can guarantee you’ve seen many of his poems while scrolling Pinterest or seen them shared to an Instagram story by a friend.

He has created an incredible, successful business empire, all while remaining entirely anonymous. No one knows who he is. He wears a full face mask to any book readings, etc.

Today we talk about the reason he chose to build an anonymous brand, the price of fame, and how to create a connection with your audience without sacrificing your privacy. We then dive into how to get inspired when in a creative rut or dealing with writer’s block, the best advice he has for writers or creatives everywhere, and what he has to say to creative entrepreneurs who are also wanting to build successful businesses like his.

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