Learning To LEAD Yourself - Part 2


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Today's episode is a conversation between Chad Kneller and I in response to the amazing second part of a two part series from Craig Groeschel about learning to lead yourself! Here are some of the high points:

Today was ALL about developing your leadership inputs!

As a leader, you conform to what you consume. We are ALL consuming something... just like you wouldn't want your neighbor to dump their garbage on your front yard every day, you don't want to give people access to dump garbage in your MIND! This also plays out with how we treat our body... are we putting things that produce LIFE and HEALTH or chaos and destruction in our body?

What are you doing today that will strengthen your leadership tomorrow? Even just 10 pages of a good book every day can set you apart as a consistent learner and leader. If you improve yourself by just 1/3 of a single percent, you'll grow by more than 100% every single year.

We don't fall in love with the finish line... we fall in love with the process of becoming a champion!

Growth and comfort never coexist.

Good leaders are obsessed with outcomes... but GREAT leaders obsess about inputs. Are we spending our energy focused on what we can actually impact or on something that we have no control over?

If you prefer to watch this episode on YouTube, check it out here: https://youtu.be/pc9ZT6qbL_U

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