Get Your Wedding Photography Clients To Know, Like, And Trust You


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We’ve all heard the phrase about getting someone to “know, like and trust you” and this definitely rings true as a wedding photographer.

In this podcast episode, I’ll break down why each of these elements is important to your success in booking wedding photography clients and introduce you to a couple more steps that are essential in the process.

Wedding photography clients will probably “know” about you through your marketing or word of mouth from family and friends.

Then they’ll decide if they “like” your work, style, and branding by browsing your website, as well as get an idea if your personality suits them.

But rather than skipping from this step directly to having “trust”, they need to “remember” you, after they’ve been distracted by whatever else is going on in their lives.

You need to be fascinating or outstanding enough that you stick in their mind until the time comes that they actually “need/want” a wedding photographer.

Hopefully, by this stage, you’ve done enough to earn their “trust”, whether it’s through online reviews or recommendations from family and friends.

If that’s the case, they’ll justify paying whatever it is you’re charging and you’ll secure the booking.

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